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Tourism: As Therapeutic Stress Reliever

Psychological and social strategies to stay healthy should be the focus in proactive maintenance of our individual all round well being. How travel away from home/work environments and general involvement in tourism activities become advantageous to our living long...
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Africa: An Emerging Religious Tourism Hub (Part Two)

GIRMACE CROCODILE POND-Zuru, North Western Nigeria. A deity located on the outskirts of the ancient town. It is worshipped by followers in the vicinity and internationally from northern  Benin Republic; add to that the adherents that have made other parts of the world...
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Africa: As An Emerging Religious Tourism Hub

People travelling as individuals or groups to other locations, with the sole aim of performing religious rites, qualify to be termed tourists. Pilgrimages to Israel, Saudi Arabia and India by Christians, Muslims and Hindus are about the most popular. However, numerous...
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