GIRMACE CROCODILE POND-Zuru, North Western Nigeria.

A deity located on the outskirts of the ancient town. It is worshipped by followers in the vicinity

and internationally from northern  Benin Republic; add to that the adherents that have made other

parts of the world home, but remain spiritually faithful to this deity.

Belief in the occupants of the pond, huge crocodiles that actually have algae and grass growing

on their backs, due to age and immobility, is the force behind the potency of it’s powers.

To deliver from enemys’ attacks, prosper careers and business ventures, heal illnesses, turn

barreness of womens’ wombs to fruitfulness.

Offering and sacrifices of chickens, pigeons, farm produce etc., as dictated by the priest

provides adequately for the crocodiles and the priests’ needs.


Pentecostal Christian meetings at the headquarters of various ministries has given the continent

a huge share of the religious tourism market. With worshippers coming from all nook and cranny

of the world in and out of season; the expanding trend cannot be ignored.

Loosely referred to as ‘camps’; adequate provision has been made for necessities, such as, affordable

accommodation, eateries, shopping arcades, banks, transportation, etc.


Notable among them are Mountain of Fire and Miracles’ Prayer City, Redeemed Christian Church

of Gods’ Redemption camp. Also of significance is the ‘Synagogue’ SCOAN, famously known for

exorcising evil spirits and obtaining divine healing for strange and incurable ailments by believers.

All these are located in south west Nigeria. Regular programs in these camps ensure the constant

flow of traffic to them.

With the variety and extent of this phenomenon; measurement of its impact on the economy

needs to be  taken for  factual statistics, only then will the world appreciate and key into it’s

development as obtains in other parts of the world. Responsible tourism must be enforced as well.