Confident, intelligent, hardworking, hard playing, global tourism driver, charismatic, boisterous, ethnocentric, warm and welcoming, hospitable, adaptive, vivacious.

These are some recurring decimals to be found in the average Nigerian person.


For starters, note his attitude toward foreigners.  Receptive and respectful, while not denying himself the opportunity to earn some money, put that down to his entrepreneurial spirit.

Even if it’s just for being a pathfinder. A warm handshake and broad smile of appreciation is acceptable as well.

Yes, a curt greeting may seem inappropriate at anytime of the day, there is the tendency to linger on, asking about your well-being, family, work and whatever may catch his fancy at the moment; oblige him because he truly cares.


Are you buying from or selling to him? Haggling you must practice.

An art that he not only employs as a marketing tool, but also as a public relations device; for starting and cementing lasting relationships.

This art also reiterates his firm belief in mutual agreements, even when verbal.

He will endeavour to leave a deep impression of his particular tribe, tongue, even village of origin on any visitor; take it as a mark of pride in his root.

Handed down to him by his progenitors, he is a proud custodian, choosing to revel in his uniqueness.

He jealously guards this by limiting external intrusions and influences; hoping to hand same down to coming generations as a legacy of who they are and what they stand for.


Religion! Never to be left in the lurch. The average Nigerian professes and adheres to one, the other, or more than one at a time. For fellowship, socializing, networking, that sense of belonging. Next to tribal affiliations, being part of a religious body is a norm, not necessarily in creed. Name any spiritual organization in the world, it has representation in Nigeria. Add those to the traditional religions of over 250 ethnic nationalities.

Choices abound. The result is acceptable polytheism. Nominal in the practice of imported religions, yet, when push comes to shove, fast recourse to his indigenous deity for consultation and solution is by instinct.

That’s how he rolls! Can you beat the average Nigerian for making the best of available options?


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