The unapologetic traveller, determined to penetrate every nook and cranny of the earth!

With the world at his feet, he has made it home.

Working hard, in lowly and highly specialized job descriptions. He earns his pay!

How else would he care for immediate and extended family members, then satisfy his varied cravings as well.

Seeking out exotic locations to unwind, shop, catch fun. To be encountered at all hotspots and relaxation holes.

The world cannot avoid or ignore the Nigerian. Whao! Big spenders we have here.


Sport loving? At the local community level, his participation in wrestling contests, fishing, hunting etc., go a long way in determining his place in his community’s hierarchy.

This psyche he has successfully transferred to the national level.

Through his unshakeable support for his nations football team, where he plays the multi role of arm chair critic, coach, technical adviser, FIFA disciplinary committee member, refree, linesman, hirer, firer, and more.

This toga he wears unabashedly, portraying him as a bad loser in international encounters; as well as not undermining the correlation between winning in sports and hierarchical supremacy.

He makes football a topical issue as often as he can get away with it; with contributions that will leave you in no doubt of his patriotic stance.


Giving and sharing is second nature to him.  Doing this with his space, food, possessions etc., with such ease that leaves you wondering at his source of supply.

Not to worry, here he will bring to your consciousness his belief in the infallibility of Gods’ provision.

And his conviction in positive retributive justice, claiming that as he is giving relentlessly; So are the needs of his blood relatives scattered all over the world being met.


Yes, he will surely try to maintain some form of contact even after your departure.

No matter how brief the encounter might have been; by asking for a call card, phone number, email address.

Off-shoot of a strong belief in borderless friendships, even in the ambience of the preservation of his culture and traditions.


You are more likely to love him, even if you just tolerate him. There is no doubt that the average Nigerian must

have left you with a chunk of his impressionable self. Haven evolved for himself a unique character and identity from all the complexities that surround him.


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