That indomitable, entrepreneurial spirit. A balanced mix of the ancient, recent and future penetration!

From the traditional subsistence farmer, hunter gatherer to the service providers, small scale industrial manufacturers and producers, traders abound as well, these will sell snow to Eskimos; as well as import whatever catches their fancy, for consumption by the burgeoning population.

Recently, efforts are being made in the area of packaging local products for the world market.

Business partnerships with fellow countrymen is not a high point with Nigerians. His inner strength urges that he takes absolute charge of his affairs unencumbered by avoidable interference.

Each just chooses to do his own thing independently. Enterprises dot the landscape!

However, partnerships are being encouraged in all spheres. Communal ventures are being re-injected into business climes.

A few emerging markets are Information and Communication Technology (ICT), formalization of the solid minerals sector and massive cassava farming.


Majorly ICT is spear-headed by the younger generation. The older generations are not entirely left out, especially in its relevance of taking their endeavours to the next level; or for just keeping abreast with latest trends.

Not to go unnoticed is the bulging back pack that is fast becoming a compulsory fashion accessory.  Wherein lies entire offices, tools and products for sale.

Teeth is surely being cut in e-marketing, e-trading, social media, products development, trade in hardware and its accessories, etc; the interface is humongous and can only get better.

Nigerians have secured their corner within the global village!


The solid minerals sector (precious/semi-precious stones and metals).

Nigeria has an abundance of these, scattered across its vast land. Deposits of industrial mineral deposits are also significant.

Mining of liquid and gaseous minerals has been an exclusive prerogative of the federal government.

However, mining of precious/semi-precious stones and metals has informally been in the hands of the local population of the occurring sites. Could explain the hush hush attitude of handlers!

To maximize the potential inherent in this sector, established mining companies need to partner with grassroot, organized private sector representatives of the occurring localities. This surely is a tall order, considering the fact that mining of any naturally occurring mineral can only be carried out by the federal government. It is so till a change can be effected in the country’s constitution.


Cassava it is! A reliable staple, thrives in all the vegetation types across Nigeria.

A vast array of industrial products are derivable form the cassava plant. There is perhaps no known plant as wonderful in the licit international  market presently. Local and international demand far out-weighs supply.

Indeed an agrarian revolution in the country via cassava is possible and profitable, but not with bare hands, hoes and machetes.

Mechanised farming methods, processing hubs for export standardization, reduced transportation costs must be introduced for the sake of viability and profitability.


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